About me

I am a passionate software engineer that likes to do things properly. I stride to maintain a high quality in all software solutions that I work on, both privately and professionally. Also, it’s my belief that high quality software is not just about a good performance and low bug count, but a good overall design, easy to read code and good documentation is also essential fundaments to maintain a good code base.

Privately I’m a caring person that likes to be with friends and be there when they need me.


In March 2015 I started developing a open source async/await first, CQRS+ES framework called EventFlow for the Microsoft .NET platform.

The framework is used by companies around the world.


Whenever I can find the time, I try to take pictures of nature, family and friends. One of my photos even made it on Kris Herman’s first CD, I see you see me.

Album: I see you see me